Do you ever feel that you’re not good enough at work?

…You’re not alone


Do you ever feel that you’re not good enough at work?

…You’re not alone

You Might Be the Bravest Person At Work

All over the world, billions of people go to work every day feeling anxious, defensive, isolated, braced for attack, overwhelmed, uncertain that they’re worthy. While everyone feels insecure and uncertain from time to time, there is a special group of people who are under a never-ending drumbeat of “You’re not good enough, it’s your fault when something’s not working, you can’t let anyone know who you really are.”

They are the ones who grew up with troubled childhoods where they were the targets of emotional, mental, or physical abuse from the people who were supposed to protect them.  People who have grown up in these kinds of households often minimize the impact of their environments and think, “When I grow up, I will leave all this behind.” But then they discover that workplaces can be stressful and challenging too as they bump up against normal career moments that trigger old painful feelings. Some are not even aware that they have brought their pasts into the workplace with them. And their own feelings of inadequacy get in the way of achieving the happiness and career success they deserve.

I call people who match this description
Adult Survivors of a Damaged Past (ASDPs).


As an ASDP myself, I know first-hand how it feels to try to project confidence, credibility and capability at work while coping with emotional triggers, worries, and stresses that I’ve carried with me from my childhood. If you’re an ASDP, too, you know what I’m talking about.


I know what it’s like to be you. You hide negative feelings and doubts that you don’t want anyone to know about. Keeping secrets may well be a way of life for you. You are afraid to reach out for help. And so you keep an essential, valuable part of who you are quiet and isolated.

As an HR leader with 31 years’ experience in global companies, I’ve supported my colleagues as they valiantly struggle to build positive beliefs about themselves so they can realize their full potential. And I’ve seen how people bravely discover new joys, confidence, and capability as they learn to discover their true personal value through everyday workplace conflicts and experiences.

You are my hero. I'm here to help you.

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9 Things

I believe about


9 things I believe about you


“The rest of your life is yours.”

- Susan Schmitt Winchester


Healing at Work
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What people are saying

As an ASDP myself, I know how isolating it can be to think, “I’m the only one and I’d better not reveal my true self to clients and colleagues.” Thanks to Susan’s gentle, wise counsel and insights, for the first time in my career, I am comfortable being seen for who I am. And I can fully focus on bringing my own gifts to the world, because I don’t have to hide anymore.

Martha I. Finney

Martha I. Finney
Executive Editor and Publisher,
Leadership Directions Media


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