Rapid Power Reclaim

How to Handle Any Bumper Car Moment

Rapid Power Reclaim


The Rapid Power Reclaim (RPR) is a proprietary process I’ve designed to help you during workplace Bumper Car Moments to intentionally act in ways consistent with your Conscious Healing Career Path.

  • Our greatest breakthroughs come from our most difficult situations
  • Any time you feel stress, anxiety, and worry, recognize theseare clues to a healing moment.
  • You can step out of the doom and gloom dark places by in-stead learning how to leverage the workplace as your own lab-oratory for healing.
  • Tough times can be miracles.
  • Know that everything that happens is perfect for you at thistime in your life.When we get triggered in a moment of conflict with a colleague, we commonly have a strong negative emotional reaction that can last for days or even longer. This means we are probably currently on the unconscious wounded career path. Not a good place to be because it is full of stress, anxiety, and worry for us.What we want our focus on is how to respond, not react, as our func- tioning professional adult self vs being derailed by the limiting beliefs, we carry about ourselves from our childhoods.

    The RPR is a simple framework for handling any workplace conflict that is causing you to feel badly about yourself.

Even before you have your next conflict, step off the unconscious wounded career path.

Make a list of the situations and other peoples' behaviors that are especially triggering for you. Consider ways that you can respond to those triggers where you are in control of your emotions and beliefs about yourself and others. Watch how other people successfully navigate similar situations and collect these examples to refer to them the next time you're triggered.

Choose the conscious healing career path

When you become aware of how much your past beliefs can get in the way of your career success, you can begin to make different choices. You are no longer a victim of unconscious, out=dated beliefs, assumptions and impulses. Your behavior and reaction choices are in the toolkit described in Step 2. Now you can reach in and intentionally select the one that is the most appropriate for the situation. The one that will serve your most important objectives are best.

Create Choice

Now you are in the middle of a Bumper Car Moment. You have your toolkit of optimal reactions to reach into. Calm your reactive mind and remember that you have options. You are not the victim of someone else's inconsiderate behavior or political untrustworthiness. And you may even be misinterpreting what happened because you have made some incorrect assumptions. You are in command of your emotions and reactions. What you decide to do next is entirely up to you.

Elevate Action

With an array of thoughtful choices to select from, which action would most likely achieve the results you want? Choose that option over the more emotionalized, possibly more damaging reactions that you would have selected before doing this exercise.

Celebrate and Integrate

You might be tempted to skip this step. But don't. You deserve to acknowledge yourself for the positive steps you took to rise above your unconscious, limiting beliefs and try a better approach to handling conflict. Even more importantly, the time you take to mark the improved way helps you rewrite your fundamental beliefs about yourself and your abilities to cope with stressful workplace situations. This, in turn, will help you master the conflict management skills you will continue to accumulate in your toolkit. And build your workplace effectiveness, healthier relationships with your colleagues, and better long-term career prospects.

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Bio: Susan J. Schmitt Winchester is the Senior Vice President, Chief HR Officer for Applied Materials, in Santa Clara, CA.  This article was written based on the principles from her forthcoming book, Healing at Work: The Adult Survivor’s Guide to Using Career Conflicts to Overcome Your Past and Build the Future You Deserve (with Martha I. Finney). Contact Susan here.

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